Aurora Personal Training

Our most comprehensive coaching service. Work with one of the Aurora coaching team, either individually or as a pair and take your physique to the next level. Sessions taken from our private training facility just outside the city centre.

  • FREE client consultations
  • Training & nutrition programme designed specifically for you based on your fitness history, personal goals and movement assessment
  • We are able to work around any previous injuries, lifestyle
    demands or personal limitations you may have, in order to
    move you toward your goals

There is so much conflicting information floating around this industry that it can be hard to know where to start. We try not to get caught up in every changing popular trends, instead focusing on the activities that have the greatest impact on progress; improved movement patterns, smarter nutritional choices and a commitment to increasing intensity week by week, session by session, set by set.

How It Works
• • •

Every situation, and therefore every client is different. Some are at a high level already and just need an intense blast or the tweak of a professional eye to get them where they want to be. Others are starting from scratch, but are committed to doing whatever is necessary to get them to the top. Our sessions are priced between £30-£40 per hour depending on the number you purchase and which coach you work with. Personalsied nutrition programmes are included in the cost. We have a wealth of experience with hundreds of clients through our doors in the past 3 years; check out the testimonials section for a sample of our work.

Key Benefits
• • •

  1. Improved health, fitness and personal self esteem
  2. Improved mental function and focus
  3. Both a reduction in stress and a greater capacity to deal with it
  4. Exercises and challenges design to improve team communications
  5. Boosts morale and enhances team function
  6. Benefits corporate social responsibility and services are tax deduction
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