Aurora Athletic Membership

Our famous group coaching coaching sessions at Aurora Athletic HQ. We're based on Scottswood road just outside Newcastle city center. Sign up using the secure payment system below. Join our fitness community and start training today.

  • FREE taster session
  • Workouts updated EVERY MONTH
  • AM & PM Classes daily
  • Difficulty and intensity modified to suit your current abilities
  • Access to private Facebook group, with exclusive videos, articles, coaching material and complete support from all coaches

Experience all the advantages of one-to-one Personal Training for a fraction of the cost, coupled
with the added benefits of training with a like-minded fitness community. Whether you're an early bird
or night owl we have a time slot to suit you.

How It Works
• • •

  1. We offer three different membership options at Aurora Athletic, depending on how many times you want to train each week. We have Silver (2x/weekly), Gold (3x/weekly) and Diamond (6x/weekly) membership plans. We also offer some Pay-As-You-Go training blocks. Simply select which option you want from the box below, sign up and the book your session.
  2. At Aurora Athletic, we believe success is the product of working together, whether that be working closely with one of our highly regarded PT’s or joining our Aurora Membership and improving your fitness in our group workouts. There does come a time and place where you can train on your own, but this does not happen at the start of your fitness journey! By working closely with the Aurora Team, you will guarantee an effective and challenging workout every time you walk through our doors.
  3. You can also upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at any time. There is no contract, just great training every day.

Diamond Membership = £109/Month - £4.20 per class Gives you access to 26 group workouts per month.
Gold Membership = £79/Month - £6 per class Gives you access to 13 group workouts per month.
Silver Membership = £59/Month - £7 per class Gives you access to 9 group workouts per month.
6-Month Membership 6 months up front on any of the above memberships. Save 10% on the total.
10 sessions anytime = £100
5 sessions anytime = £55
PAYG have 12-month expiry. Please note all membership packages are paid and classes booked through our secure system at Go Team Up.

Group Coaching VS PT
• • •

We all have days where we are not feeling it and even the most motivating of PTs cannout pull us from our slump. But
there is something irresistbly energising about the vibe and moral of group training. This isn't
necessarily for your die hard gym-goer, it's for everyone who wants to improce their health,
fitness and body image while having more fun and social interaction, not less.

Session Selection
• • •

We offer a variety of training sessions at Aurora HQ. They have been designed with different goals in mind, we encourage you to try a variety of different formats to find out what works best for you.

All classes are full body in structure (unless otherwise specified), include a warm up/mobility, cool down and are high energy in nature. The biggest mistake we see time and time again, is people leaving the gym after 60 minutes, having completed 8 sets of a single body-part. The only reason you should be training like a bodybuilder is if you want to step on stage. Otherwise, we challenge the full body in every session. All workouts and exercises within them are easily adapted to suit any ability level or to work around any injuries you may have, that’s why were here!

Our muscle-building workout; for those wanting to sculpt, build and tone. We utilise a variety of different compound & isolation exercises, at different rep ranges, weights and tempos, giving that sculpted lean look we are all after. The session starts and ends with some warm up & mobility drills.

Our all in one, full body HIT training. We bring together different exercises and movements from every training style imaginable to give the ultimate muscle building, fat burning, fitness-improving workout. Exercise selection can be adapted to suit all ability levels or work around any injury. The session starts with some warm up & mobility drills.

Bringing some very different to the group-training environment, we clear the gym floor and allocate everyone a barbell. We’ve got both male (20kg) and female (14kg) bars. The coach (normally Kyle) explains the different exercises involved in todays workout and the class runs through them with weight on the bar 2-3 times. We then progressively add weight and up the intensity, giving an amazing full body fat burning and muscle building workout. The class is suitable for all ability levels & is a great way to improve your lifting technique. The session starts with some warm up & mobility drills.

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