About The Company

Founded in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in late 2012, Aurora Athletic is committed to improving and simplifying the information surrounding personal fitness. While at the same time providing the highest standard of associated services; namely personal training, online caching, group training and corporate

It’s about you, not us; this is where we differ from other fitness brands. It’s important to train effectively and eat the right foods, but it’s equally important to evaluate your habits and mental fitness, removing self-limiting beliefs while increasing self awareness; leading to a better you. The benefits of implementing and adhering to this lifestyle are far beyond anything you are currently imagining.

We have a growing team of driven and knowledgeable trainers at Aurora Athletic, capable of adapting to any training style, goals or preferences. We also have a variety of services at different price points, so whatever your needs we will have the option for you.

Kyle Patterson

Personal Trainer

Lauren Gill

Personal Trainer

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